10 Event Security Tips to Ensure Massive Event Success

When organizing an event, the host has a considerable number of responsibilities over his shoulder. He needs to take care of everything from the food to the sitting arrangements. He has to be careful in all the matters, but event security needs most of his attention, especially in massive events. The lives of all the audience or the event participants depend on his ability to plan event security. 

Why should Event Security be given topmost priority?

Unfortunately, event security is not given the required importance. It is the last thing to get planned. Mostly, event hosts manage everything within the budget, and the small remaining amount is spent on event security. This shows our irresponsive behavior towards this critical issue.

Moreover, when a leading event security company is hired for its services before any other event planning, the company provides its valuable inputs for various setups to help you secure the event with even more surety and feasibility.

10 Event Security Tips

Here are some tips to ensure proper security at massive events.

1.Get yourself well-informed about the venue and its surroundings.

The venue of the event holds prime importance in security planning. Different security measurements are required for both indoor and outdoor events. Not only the platform but the surroundings also play an important role. Having an event in the areas with a higher crime rate requires more foolproof security for your event.

2.Get all the required information about the event.

Keep yourself well-informed about the event that you plan to secure. The number of people attending the event, the number of VIPs or special guests invited to the event, the event’s timings, the quantitative measure of the area being covered by the event, and a map of the venue. All this information will help position the security guards, alert systems, and other security equipment at the venue for better services.

3.Plan a robust security strategy

Make a proper security plan. Know what to do at every point of the event. Plan the positioning of the security guards and officers. Plan the routes of mobile patrols. Plan the entry and exit of crowd and VIP personalities. Plan the placing and guarding of the stage. Most importantly, plan all of this way before-hand.

4.Hire professionals or reliable staff

When hiring security staff for the event, be careful about the people you hire. They all should have their licenses or should be registered for providing security services. Please keep track of your staff by using ID cards and cross-checking their entries. Many shady people may get into the entire staff members to gain entry to the event.

5.Use all the advanced equipment.

Technology has made security way easier than it used to be. Moreover, the present-day threats and dangers require high-security levels that can only be provided using new and advanced security equipment, such as metal detectors at the entrance, fire alarms, surveillance cameras, and many other security alert systems.

6.Make earlier preparations for VIP entries and exits.

VIP protection marks the topmost priority of security providing services. Plan their entry, stay, and exit with caution and care. Assign this duty to a special pack of guards that will cooperate with the VIP’s personal security to ensure 100% security for the special guest. Keep their seating arrangement a little aside from the usual crowd.

7.Look out for Cyber-threats

Although the surveillance cameras, the metal detectors, the smoke detectors, etc., do play an essential role in maintaining security, if they are altered using cyber techniques, they can cause some severe losses. Hire a cybersecurity badge to ensure the safety of your equipment from any kinds of cyber threats.


8.Plan systematic entrance

The entry and exit should be planned. There should remain a record of the guests and the whole staff of the event. Any unusual person either detected through the cameras or by the team should be immediately taken care of. Also, having a system of checking the guest list with the invitation cards or the tickets helps ensure no uninvited entries.

9.Make preparations for crowd controlling.

In massive events, crowding is an obvious thing. Have plans to disperse excess crowding at any place. Also, know the techniques to handle crowds, especially in case of emergencies.

10.The team should be able to communicate well with each other.

Even a single broken communication joint among the team can cost you a lot. Provide all the staff with radiophones for continuous communication among the team. This communication proves very helpful in case of any chaotic situation.

Checking this security list will help you ensure 100% security and protection for your massive events.