14 Best ways to Secure a Construction site

During construction, both the workers and the material are at risk, whether theft or damage. If these threats succeed in providing any damage to the site, the owner will have to face the wastage of both time and money. To save yourself from this disastrous experience, invest in a professional construction security team with a foolproof security plan. They will protect your construction site by providing various services through their experience and the advanced equipment they have.

Construction Site Security Checklist

Make a construction site security plan that will protect your site, the material, and the staff from any criminal that eyes upon them. Here is a checklist with all the essential points enlisted. Please read it thoroughly to prepare a plan all by yourself.

1.Train your staff a bit too

The workers and the engineers working at the construction site should also know the about of security. They should be trained to handle small security breaches and should be trained to remain calm in case of large security problems. This will help the security team to carry out their work more efficiently. 

2.Use attendance registers for the staff.

The entry and exit of the staff should be looked after properly. There should be badges or cards for the workers to ensure security. Attendance registers should be maintained to mark any absence or replacements. Also, use metal detectors to find the entrance of any weapon.

3.Use proper lighting

Criminals find the best opportunities at night or in the dark. Do not let them find one. Keep the place lit up all the time. Use large-quality lights to detect any unusual activity or an intruder. This lighting will help to secure the place more efficiently.

4.Keep aside a proper security budget.

All the security measurements will require a considerable budget. When starting any construction, consider the security at the very beginning. Keep it in your mind even when finalizing the budget and setting aside a proper amount for it.

5. Use CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras will help to build a virtual guard. A virtual guard is way more efficient than a physical one. They provide full clearance at a single glance. It won’t take more than a minute to look out for any criminal activity within the premises. It will also act as a warning for the criminals.

6.Make strong and impassable fences and barriers.

Use strong wire fences with impassable methodologies to ensure no illegal entry. Use barriers at the entrance to check on any vehicle entering the premises. These measures will enhance your security plan.

7.Exceptional security at the entrance

Keep metal detectors and a pack of security guards at the entrance to check on every entry. Within a few days, guards will learn the faces of the workers. It will help them to detect any intruder. Hence, do not change duties. Keep the entrance guards at the same position all over the construction duration.

8.Do not give access to everyone.

Use badges or ID cards for staff entry. Do not let any stranger enter the building. If any visitor visits the site, keep guards along with him to keep an eye on him.

9.Check on the deliveries properly.

If there happen to be any construction material delivery, check on both the material and the delivery staff. There could be weapons or, even worse, explosives hidden in the material. Be careful about that.

10.Make guard booths

Make guard booths for the security staff to keep their weapons and other stuff. They can also hide over there in case of any security alert to shoot the attackers without being seen. 

11.Use other security alert systems.

Many advanced security systems help maintain a site’s security, e.g., intruder detectors, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, and various other equipment. Use them to secure your construction site.

12.Keep valuable material secured. 

During the construction, there happens to be an amount of some valuable materials, e.g., fuel. They could be the potential targets of the thieves. Keep them safe and secured with locked containers.

13.Be connected with the police and other authorities.

Keep your security team connected with the police, fire brigade, and other security authorities so they can help them in case of any chaotic situation. If you find any threat, do send an alert for help.

14.Stay connected with the neighboring residents.

Criminals can quickly enter the construction site if they manage to enter the surrounding residence. Keep yourself connected with the residents to ensure collective security.