8 Qualities To Look into a Close Protection Officer

Choosing to become a close protection officer isn’t a choice that you simply should take lightly. You’ll get to put some serious thought into it. Not only will you like to believe this career choice as an entire, but you furthermore may need to believe what sort of bodyguard you’re getting to be. You’ll start as a door supervisor and move to a security officer, but if you would like the foremost out of your career choice, you would like to figure in close protection.

Close protection does have its challenges. You’ll be responsible for protecting a number of the important VIPs and leading people on the earth. It’s a commonplace for movie stars, sports stars, pop stars, politicians, diplomats, and royalty. Yes, you’ll be responsible for protecting these people, and this job isn’t for everybody. Does one have what it takes to become a Close Protection Officer? These qualities will help.

Training and knowledge

If you expect to urge employment within the security industry, then you’ll need the proper training. However, a close protection training course is the initiative towards working within the field, but it’s also going to help to possess some previous training.

If you’ve got some prior training, it will be beneficial as a Close Protection Officer. Your job is to guard people, but the military experience will offer you a touch, something extra. You want skills to guard, observe and deter any possible problems. While it’s not a prerequisite, it can be convincing very helpfully.

Think and React Quickly

The lifetime of an in-depth Protection Operative could seem sort of a rather glamorous life, but there’ll be some very serious moments once you will be required to react very quickly. You’ve got to consider on your toes and make the proper decision. If you’re the sort of one who has a hard time making decisions, this is often not the position for you. You would like to be quick-witted if you want to supply the simplest safety and protection.

Physically Fit

There may be some time in your professional career once you are faced with some strenuous physical activities. You’ll need to hold off a wall of crazed fans. You’ll need to sprint after an assailant. You’ll need to use your body to protect someone physically. All of those things would require an individual who is physically fit. You don’t need to be a muscle-clad person, but you’ll need to be ready to handle yourself in addition to one physical situation.

Martial Arts Training

There could also be quite one situation where your body will become a weapon. Any martial arts or fighting training will be beneficial for you and for the people you’re trying to guard. You don’t need to be a tenth-degree karate black belt, but it’ll help you understand how to obtain and neutralize an individual or person quickly. Consider yourself as a person’s shield. Does one think martial arts will offer you the upper hand? And how it’ll.

Skills to Handle a Firearm

Not every job would require the knowledge of a firearm. There may even be some situations where you’re not allowed to hold a gun on your person. However, there could also be other times once you will be required to carry a firearm. It’s going to be the simplest thanks to protecting a private or a gaggle of individuals. Having prior firearm experience is going to be very helpful. If you’ve got none, you’ll want to think about some firearm training to strengthen your Close Protection skills.

Technology Savvy

No doubt, technology has become a really important part of day-to-day life, and technology has helped the safety industry. You don’t have to be a computer expert here, but it’ll help if you recognize your way around a computer. All you would like is basic computer literacy.

Do You Have Skills to Drive?

You will get ready to legally drive a vehicle before you are hired to figure as a Close Protection Operative. You even want to have a legitimate driver’s license. You’ll or might not be involved in moving an individual from one location to a different automobile. Defensive driving skills also are a superb quality to possess. You would possibly be responsible for driving someone to a secure site quickly. If your driving skills are lacking, consider taking a driving course to improve them.


All your knowledge and training as a close protection officer means nothing if you lack the arrogance to use it when necessary. Similarly, if you’re taking too long to act, your moment will be gone. Although this confidence doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, you will need to be ready to trust that you are well-trained enough to keep your Principal safe.