What is CCTV, and how does it work for Home Security

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television. CCTV security system protects your home from potential risks and dangers. Installing a CCTV at your home gives you peace of mind and the feeling of safety.

What is CCTV?

For the protection and safety of the premises, CCTV security systems are widely used. ‘CCTV security system uses security cameras for your protection. These CCTV cameras send a live transmission to your mobile, tablet, or surveillance computer. They also record this transmission for future use. In case of some threat or any danger, they send an alert to the owner.’

CCTV security system uses highly advanced technology to provide various essential features to protect client’s premises.

CCTV And Home Security

CCTV security system provides CCTV home security. When installed at your home, CCTVs offer security and protection.

Following are some of the CCTV security pros

24/7 live transmission

CCTVs provide full-time coverage of your home. You can continuously monitor your home for any potential risk. This live transmission keeps you updated about the security and privacy of your house. For example, as you know the exact timing when your kids return home from school, you can check the live transmission at that particular time to ensure that your kids have reached home safe and sound. You know that whether there is someone at your home or not. If you notice some unusual activity, the intruder is caught within minutes.

Wireless CCTVs

CCTVs may either be wired or non-wired. Wired CCTVs send the transmission to only a set of monitors connected directly. Here the wireless CCTV has an advantage. You can connect any of your wifi-connected devices with the wireless CCTV, whether it be your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. You can connect it with the CCTV and get the footage wherever you are. You can keep a constant eye on your home. This feature provides your home with safety and gives you mental peace.

Connected to smartphones

Your wireless CCTV can connect to your smartphone. Smartphone applications have proved to be revolutionary in every field. They have also provided various advantages in the field of security. IP cameras are used. They convert the video signal into IP packets that are sent to your mobile phones. When your CCTV is connected to any of the security application in your smartphone, it gives you access to various features that prove helpful in security and protection.

Night Vision CCTVs

Modern technology has highly upgraded CCTVs. They have added various features that made the CCTV security system even more helpful. One of these features is the Night Vision. This allows the CCTV cameras to view everything, even in the dark. For example, if the lights are turned off, they will still record the view. In this way, criminals cannot take advantage of the dark. It uses light rays other than the visible to make a vision out of it. Most night vision cameras use IR radiations for viewing the scene at night.

Covers Each Corner

A full CCTV security system covers each corner of your home for your security. CCTV cameras are installed at every point. They provide alerts from everywhere inside and even outside your home. Cameras installed in the doorbell known as video doorbells give an insight into how someone is trying to enter your home.

Use As Evidence

CCTVs send a live transmission to the connected device and record the footage for future use. In case you face a theft, robbery, or any other crime, the recorded footage will help out the law, and enforcement agencies find out the criminal. Reviewing the recorded footage, again and again, can help to find out minor details that later on prove helpful in catching the criminal. This CCTV recording is also used as evidence in the court.

Alert Systems

Alert systems installed within the security CCTVs provide alerts at the time of emergency. For example, installed smoke detectors send an alert signal in case of fire. Moreover, if an intruder enters your home by breaking the window glass of any lock, an alert is received at your connected device, e.g., your mobile phone. This alarm system keeps you alert for taking the required measurements to ensure proper safety.

CCTV security systems are becoming handy and familiar. This is due to their less cost and practical security measurements. You can get a whole CCTV security system installed at your home at a very affordable price to protect yourself from potential threats, risks, and dangers.