What is Close Protection Security?

Close protection security provides personal level security through highly trained professionals. These trained professionals or bodyguards are often seen protecting VIP personalities or any other person who can face any threats or danger. But any common man can also acquire this service if he can afford it. Not only from criminals, but celebrities also require this service to create a decent barrier among themselves and their fans to avoid any embarrassment. 

Who is a Close Protection Officer?

A close protection officer (CPO) or a bodyguard is a trained individual who protects you, your relatives, and your property from external dangers. They provide protection all day long and ensure your safety. A close protection officer is responsible for looking into your daily schedule to assess the safety and detecting any presumed danger. For performing his various duties aptly, a close protection officer should have the following qualities:

  • He should be physically fit and a sturdy and robust person. His physicality holds prime importance in the safety of the client.
  • He should also have strong senses and should always remain alert and active.
  • He should examine every small detail and should have the intellect to foresee potential threats.
  • He should have the good judgment to identify attackers in huge crowds.
  • He should have skills to separate celebrities from their fans without hurting them.
  • He should have good communication skills so that the client can get along well with him.

You might lack some of these qualities at present. But if you plan to become a bodyguard, you can join close protection courses and training to become a professional officer. Also, when looking for a bodyguard, do check for these qualities.

Who needs Close Protection Security?

Suppose you are a profile personality and often encounter the need to be among the public or crowd. In that case, you need either a single bodyguard or an escort team to protect you from potential threats and damages. Celebrities, such as film stars, TV stars, singers, anchors, and many other professionals, need close protection security for safety against criminals and protect their fans from an emotional crowd. Politicians and high government officers also need bodyguards to protect them against the angry public.

What Services does Close Protection Provide?

Close protection provides various services to ensure complete safety of the client. As a client, you are also expected to submit your requirements to maintain the services.

When you hire a single close protection officer or a whole team, they become responsible for your everyday safety. They will take several steps to fulfill their duty.


  • They will look into your daily schedule and will plan their daily services on that basis.
  • They are responsible for planning your routes and driving you in your car from place to place.
  • Whenever you meet someone, close protection officers should be well informed because they scan your meeting place beforehand to guarantee your protection from any danger.
  • When in public, they remain alert and continuously scan the surroundings for any unseen danger.
  • If, unfortunately, you get attacked, they will protect you from the attacker. They are professionally trained for that. However, they are not allowed to draw a weapon at anyone unless someone else, i.e., the attacker, draws first.
  • They will also protect your personal property, whether it is your vehicle or your home.
  • You can also hire separate escort teams for your workplace and your home to ensure the safety of your workers and family.

A close protection officer is trained to tackle every situation and provide you all the services as mentioned earlier, plus any other service that you will recommend.

Best Close Protection Services in the U.K.

If you live somewhere in the U.K. and have a fear of being threatened or even harmed, here are some of the best close protection companies in the U.K. that will provide you the required protection through close protection services. Their bodyguards are considered to be the most professional and skilled among all.

  1. CitiGuard Security – They provide the best services through their flexibility in their facilities. They offer you the opportunity to modify their services according to your need. If you need a real, honest, and reliable security service, do contact them. Their highly trained professionals are available in many areas of the U.K. They offer highly advanced close protection security all over UK, especially in London.
  2. Westminster Security – This is another leading security providing company in the U.K., specifically in London. Their experience of more than 20 years makes them one of the best companies.