Why are Dogs the Best for Security?

Humans have always needed protection against danger. The earliest form of protection was the fire. Early humans used to light fire to protect themselves from other animals. As time progressed, threats started to build up. At early times, humans were at risk only from other animals. Now humans fear one another. For this purpose, we started using dogs as security. Dogs have always protected their master from other humans who intend to harm his master in one way or another.

What Does a Security Dog Handler do?

What Does a Security Dog Handler do? A security dog handler is responsible for the training and taking care of a security dog. Not only at work but also at home, he is the one responsible for his security dog. He looks after the dog with great affection, which creates an unparalleled bond between the two. Therefore, it becomes easier for him to make the dog do assigned jobs. Some of the essential responsibilities of a security dog handler are:

  • Looking after the health of the dog, both mental and physical.
  • Keeping a sound track of training so that the dog will match higher and demanding standards.
  • Keeping hold of the dog in public places so that it may not harm someone from the public.
  • Building a strong and affectionate bond with the dog. It helps him to train the dog more efficiently.
  • Using his dog’s abilities effectively to carry-out various jobs, e.g., finding out a missing person, catch some escaped criminal, etc.

Reasons to Use Dog Handler Security Service.

In the modern age of technology, many technologies have been developed for security and protection. These techniques include CCTV cameras, fingerprint locks, voice detection door opening systems, etc. All these security systems do provide security, but they can be deceived one way or the other. For example, highly professional hackers can hack home security systems. On the other hand, dogs cannot be deceived easily. Dogs are incredibly loyal animals. Once they develop affection towards a person, it’s hard that they would change their loyalty. Even if their owner dies, they spend the rest of their life in sorrow. Certain dog breeds are exceptionally good at searching out things, using their sniffing ability. They are also good at reading human gestures and, based on it, can differentiate between a friend and an enemy. These breeds have intimidating howl, sharp teeth, and claws to attack the enemy. Some of the best guard dog breeds are German Shepherd, Akita, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Estrela Mountain Dogs, Bullmastiff, etc. German Shepherds are one of the most well-known breeds of security. Their loyalty and ability to learn things faster makes them one of the top security dog breeds. Boxer, another security dog breed, is known for its patience and joyful nature. They are great to be kept as pets as well as being a security guard dog.

Know About Security Dog Handler Law

The Guard Dogs Act 1975 specifies some laws for the security dog handlers.

  • Section 1 says that without a dog handler, dogs cannot be present at a premise. Security dogs are not to be set free; they control a handler or chained.
  • According to section 2, section 1 can only be breached in the case of guard dog kennels.
  • Sections 3 and 4 legislate about the Guard dog kennel licenses.
  • In case of contravention of section 1 or 2, section 5 legislated on the fine payment. This act is done for public security against security dogs.

Dog Security Jobs

Security dog handlers can apply to several departments. Some of these include Police, Armed forces, Rescue, Fire brigade, customs, and excise or private security firms. When working with police, security dog handlers have to deal with criminals, whether it is to avert them escaping or following their trails to find out their hideouts. Dogs are also used to find missing persons. The dog sniffs some personal stuff of the person missing and uses it to find him or her out. Armed forces have special Training Regimens for the dogs. Here dogs are trained to search paths. The dog handler must train his dog to detect underground explosives and mines. Moreover, during a blast, these dogs help to search out dead bodies. Customs and excise or private firms use dog handlers for security and protection purposes. They guard homes and offices for protection against theft and robbery. Fire brigade and rescue teams also have dog handlers. Here they search out for the missing persons during some catastrophe. Salaries of dog handlers vary according to their experience, rank, and nature of the job.

Guard dog security Wrap up

Considering the importance and advantages of dog security, people opt for guard dog security instead of modern security techniques. In this respect, various companies have stepped in to provide services. These companies train dogs and dog handlers to protect client’s offices or homes. Both the handler and the dog guard the place. In case of some sudden intrusion, the dog provides valuable services in catching the intruder or making him run away.