5 Benefits of Dog Handler Security for Your Business

Providing security to the business premises and the staff is a priority for business owners. Dog handler security is an effective way of protecting your business premises. Guard dog security secures your business from potential threats. Dogs are being used for their security perspective for a long time. They have always been loyal to their owners. Some breeds are specifically good at defense, security, and sensing danger.

What does a security dog handler do?

A security dog handler trains a security dog for various security breaches. He is in charge of the dog and takes good care of it. He builds an affectionate bond with the dog, which helps him train the dog and control it. The Guard Dog Act 1975 makes the presence of a dog handler compulsory for having a security dog on-premises. This security dog handler law makes mandatory the fine for having an unchained security dog without a dog handler.

Benefits of having dog handler security

There are many benefits to have a guard dog security service for your business. 5 reasons to use dog handler security service are as follows:

  1. Senses danger beforehand

    Dogs have better security abilities than humans and also modern security techniques and technologies. If you have a CCTV, it will only show the security alert when there is a danger condition. Through its strong 6th sense and the senses of smell and hearing, a security dog can detect danger beforehand. The security handler can prepare the people around to deal with the alert situation. Specific dog breeds have qualities that make them the best security options available. They have more vital senses as compared to other species. For example, they have sharp teeth and claws used as weapons against the intruders. Some security dog breeds include German Shephard, Boxer, Australian Shephard, Doberman, Rottweiler, etc.

  2. Additional security for the employer

    Having a dog around you gives a feeling of protection, security, and affection. As an animal makes you feel good, a security dog can also make you relieve your work stress. This stress-relieving effect helps the employers to focus on their work more effectively, and hence, the efficiency of your business also increases. A security dog adds a lot more security to your existing protection services. Dogs have an exceptional 6th sense. They can not only warn about theft and robbery. They also start barking in case of natural disasters. Dogs can detect frequencies not detectable by humans. Seeing these frequencies tells them about the potential disasters about to happen.

  3. Dogs cannot be bribed; they are loyal.

    If you consider a security guard for protecting your business premises, any intruder can easily bribe him and enter your office to cause any calamity. Moreover, the security guard may fall asleep at night, giving thieves and robbers a chance to enter your property. A security guard dog solves all of these issues. Dogs are very loyal to their owners. They cannot be bribed and are highly active. Because of these qualities, dogs are considered the best for the security of your property.

  4. Reduces security budget

    Having a security dog and a security dog handler does not cost much. On the other hand, other security options are costly. They cost you a real fortune. This reduction in the security budget can prove very helpful for your business.

  5. Can sense intruders within minutes

    Dogs have powerful senses of smell and hearing. They identify people with their smells. They learn the specific smell of each person in the building within days. When an intruder tries to enter your premises in disguise, the dog will identify him as an outsider and start barking. On the other hand, your modern security techniques would not respond so early. Having a CCTV will not tell you about an intruder’s presence within your premises unless the intruder causes some disaster that becomes too late for it. The crust of the matter is that dogs work effectively as security guards. Dog handler security will benefit your business not just by protecting it but also in several other ways, as mentioned above.