Duties And Responsibilities Of A Fire Warden

There are many departments in a city district or a town to help people on time in various regards. These departments consist of officials allocated for the welfare of human beings. The fire department is a department that works actively in the time of need. It has many ranks like a firefighter, probationary firefighter, lieutenant captain, and fire chief. Our concern is about the fire warden and his duties.

Who is a Fire Warden?

A fire warden is an officer who is assigned to prevent or control fire in a particular area. The area may be a forest fire, logging area, a town, or a district. It is a specifically created rank within a fire department to help maintain the safety of particularly a forest area.

The Average Salary of a Fire Warden

According to zippia.com, the average salary of a fire warden is around $46,000. For most of the fire wardens, the salary ranges from $33,000 to $61,000 annually.

Fire Warden Duties in the UK

Many ongoing situations created by man results in the onset of fire. Sometimes a fire sets on due to natural calamities. Both these situations demand careful management and timely dealing. To cope with the following possibilities, a fire warden plays his role. 

Usual Working Days

The fire warden duties may fluctuate from place to place.

On working days, the duties of the fire warden are almost the same everywhere. Following are some duties of a fire warden:

Monitor Escape Routes

A fire warden in his allocated area monitors the exit routes. He ensures that the doors are in a functional state. He substantiates that the fire safety doors are clear of any obstacle or obstruction.

Fire Extinguishers and Alarm Checking

Multiple times, the fire alarms do not work accurately. And the fire extinguishers are present at places that are not accessible when the fire sets on. Mainly, a fire warden keeps in check that the fire alarms must be in working condition. If not, then he takes further measures accordingly. Also, he confirms If fire extinguishers are serviced regularly or not. He performs this chore once a month.

House Safety Practices

People often neglect the safety measures, and it results in the burning of the whole house. A fire warden monitors that all combustible material is away from the fireplace. He checks that the house electric and gas equipment is not worn out. He makes people aware of the dangers of using fuel materials.

Staff Training

It is the responsibility of a fire warden to train the newly recruited members. Appropriate training of the staff is the duty of the fire warden. He also examines the practice sessions of the existing members of the department. 

Assessment of Staff

A firefighter must know that what to do in an emergency. Therefore, a fire warden analyzes the capabilities of members annually. To make sure that if they know how to deal with an emergency.

Record Maintenance

A fire warden keeps a record of measures and activities performed in a month. He also notes the precaution taken concerning the safety of a community and permits he has given to the locals. He inspects the logging industries, creates a report, and takes action if he finds any error.

Fire Drill Participation

A fire drill is a method of practicing how to leave a building in a fire situation. Fire department officials practice it in front of people, so they make the acquaintance of dealing with such circumstances. Many times, a fire warden may also participate in this event and educates people as well.

Fire Warden Checklist

A fire warden carries out the following duties in case of fire:

  1. Manages the evacuation of all persons from the fire area
  2. He aids in the escaping of disabled persons.
  3. He turns on the fire alarms immediately.
  4. Uses proper equipment for putting out the fire.
  5. He keeps people away from the place of fire.
  6. Ensures that each person is at a safe place.
  7. Assist the firefighters in the best possible way.
  8. Also checks the small storage areas and restrooms to see if someone is trapped inside and then manages to get him safely out.

A fire warden and his duties are to no extent limited. He plays with his life to protect others. However, he is not the only one responsible for people’s safety in case of such a calamity, the public should also cooperate to ensure their own safety from this catastrophe.