Hire a Dog Handler As Your Security Multiplier

If you think installing a CCTV camera all around your business premises and construction site is the best security defense, please re-think. Attackers and invaders are pretty advanced these days. They hack security systems and put your business at significant security risks. In that scenario, you should think of getting a reliable security option available in the form of Security Dog handlers.

How do they become your Security Multiplier?

You have a door supervisor on the gate, security camera outdoor and indoor, so let’s think of a third option that will boost up your premises’ security level to a great extent. Yes, a guard dog is what I’m referring to here.

A dog and handler are known as a force multiplier. For example, if you have a company’s patrol service, people will check around your empty premises to ensure that your business isn’t under attack. However, a team of dogs and handlers can do better than that. Dogs have a superior sense of hearing, smell, and sound.

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If something is suspicious and a stranger is hiding- a patrol team might not look at it, but a dog will alert his handler right away. So, you can quickly increase your business security.

No Escape is Possible

As I mentioned before, Dogs have better senses than human beings. And at this moment, I’m talking about a trained dog from CitiguardSecurity. The dog handler spends weeks in training to detection and chases the dog. If a suspect is trying to run away from the space, the dog will chase him and bite onto his arm so that the handler can easily make a lawful arrest.

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From German Shepherd to Dutch Herders, you can get services of any breed of dog for your home and office protection. Even Citiguard offers vacant property protection through its door supervisors, dog handlers, and patrol services. So, getting a full-fledged security system for your space becomes pretty handy.

Meeting Regulatory and Industry Standards

If you have a guard dog at your place, then you need to fulfill specific law requirements. Keeping up with those requirements is undoubtedly a big challenge, and you won’t be able to do it perfectly. You should know that if a dog attacks another person or animal at your place, you can be held in contempt even when it’s an accident. In simple words, you are liable.

To release this kind of responsibility from this shoulder, you need to hire a dog handler from top companies like Citiguardsecurity. Handler is well-aware of every law and latest regulations. He will put a notice on your premises that a dog guards it. This notice should always be written at a prominent place, so everyone knows about it.

There are specific industry service standards that a dog handler will look into and ensure that clients get complete security without facing any legal implications.

The Ultimate Security your Business Need

You can’t guard your office and empty premises 24/7. It’s not possible. So, the first thing to do is set up CCTV cameras and then hire a gate supervisor. Citiguard Security company is always there to help you take all these security measures. As I mentioned before, attackers interfere with your CCTV security system, and a gate supervisor can only check security around the gate. If someone enters your space from any other area, like cutting the fence, he won’t handle this matter.

In that scenario, a dog handler is there to provide you the security you wanted. Dogs have strong senses; if they notice some strange noise and smell a human being who is not part of the business, then he will send an alert and start running toward that source. Yes, dogs experience false alerts too. However, when you hire a well-trained guard dog, you hardly experience this kind of scenario.

In simple words, you can close all the loopholes and deal with flaws of other security systems at your business by relying on a dog and his handler.

Following the LAW

No matter what dog handler unit you hire from CitiguardSecurity.co.uk, they will follow guidelines mentioned in the Guard Dogs Act 1975. From making a clear notice to taking full responsibilities of a guard dog, our expert handler brings an advanced security service for your home and business.

Other types of security are unable to provide outstanding means of deterrent and detection, but every unit of dog handler from this company offers high visual deterrent and best-in-class detection and chase service. It’s because every security dog is well-trained in building search, find and lock, protection of handlers, and article tracking.

Don’t think anymore, installing a CCTV doesn’t prove quite helpful until you have a force multiplier in the form of a Dog handler unit for your home and business protection.