Most Dangerous Places in London

London is ranked as the 14th safest city in the world according to the Safe Cities Index (SCI) by the Economist Intelligent Unit. Still, it isn’t crime-free. The number of criminal offenses in London reached a total of 912,760 crime offenses in 2019-2020. Read More


14 Best ways to Secure a Construction site

During construction, both the workers and the material are at risk, whether theft or damage. If these threats succeed in providing any damage to the site, the owner will have to face the wastage of both time and money. Read More


What are Construction site Security risks and Solutions

At building and construction sites, many potential threats need to be adequately addressed. Otherwise, they can cause some severe damages. You will need a foolproof security plan and a professional security team to act on that plan. Read More


4 Security Industry’s Biggest Challenge In 2021

A business’s ability to accommodate and handle new challenges has never been more important than it’s been this year. With this attack of the COVID-19 pandemic, all industries were challenged with the impact of operational expenses and business revenues. Moreover, Read More