Types of Keyholding and Alarm Response System

Every company will have a minimum of one keyholder. And, altogether likelihood, the keyholders or keyholders will be called bent an alarm activation at the foremost inappropriate of moments. Whether that’s 3 ‘o’clock in the morning time, or simply because the hotdogs are served at a weekend barbecue. It’s annoying, inconvenient, and honestly quite scary. That’s why outsourcing your keyholding to a knowledgeable security company could also be in your best interests.

What Does Keyholding Mean?

Keyholding is that the responsibility of taking care of keys for a business or organization. Often it is the responsibility of a senior employee or a selected representative of employees. He is liable for opening up and locking down the premises. Moreover, the keyholder is additionally the primary point of contact within the case of an emergency. When an alarm is triggered, they’re the direct people to reply.

What Makes A Trusted Keyholder?

In a position of responsibility, an indoor keyholder is usually a senior employee. Because they’re required to reply quickly should an alarm be triggered? They ought to also live accessibly. As they’re in charge of correctly locking up and setting alarm systems, characteristics that might bring an honest keyholder include being highly conscientious, responsible, and dependable.

Do Keyholders Paid More Salary?

Most keyholders are the staff’s most senior members, so keyholding is an understood part of their role. At the same time, you’ll get paid a touch extra to be a key holder. And you’ve got to factor this increase alongside the very fact you’ll get called out at some uncertain hours to attend an emergency where you don’t know what’s expecting you. However, employees will be paid the traveling allowances to participate in the call-out and the hours spent handling any issues that arise.

What Is An Outsourced Keyholding Service?

An outsourced keyholding service is where an external security company provides your keyholding duties except temporary site CCTV. This external company will take hold of all the tasks usually related to an indoor keyholder, including unlocking and locking premises if required. The safety company also will provide alarm response services in the event of your alarm being triggered.

Why Use A Keyholding Service?

Outsourcing your keyholding comes with a variety of advantages for your business and construction site security, not least because you recognize that any alarm activation will be attended by someone experienced in the way to react.

As well as this factor of safety, there’s also the convenience which senior staff will enjoy. Moreover, the owners are feel satisfied knowing that their business is in safe hands while they’re far away from the office.

What Is A Key Holding License?

In order to supply keyholding services to a customer, private security companies are required to carry a key holding license.

Issued by the SIA, there’s no training or qualifications required to carry a key holding license. However, if you attend an alarm call-out, you undertake activities like you’d during manned guarding, the acceptable battlefront license and qualification are required.

What If The Building Is Damaged?

If there’s an immediate risk to the building like fire or flood, the security officers will plan to stop or minimize the spread through any means or sources. They’re qualified for, like shutting off the electrical supply or closing the mains stopcock.

For broken windows, locks, or other physical damage, if you’ve got provided us with an emergency budget, we’ll contact the acceptable contractors to secure or repair the building. These are often your own trusted partners or contractors of your choice. If you haven’t got an emergency, then we’ll call your out-of-hour contact to form immediate repair arrangements.


The cost for the keyholding and alarm response is around £250 to £350 plus a few pounds more if you add regular looking after cost.

Business Benefits From Keyholding and Alarm Response?

Businesses with small or construction site security that need an economical security solution are the perfect candidates for keyholding and alarm response. Nine fold out of ten, the incidences we answer are false alarms, except for those rare events where the location is in danger. Our guards will minimize damage and secure the premises to stay as safe as possible until emergency services arrive.

All sites we protect are given high visibility warning boards as standard, telling criminals loud and clear that it’s covered by the simplest. Our keyholding and alarm response customers are happier with the standards of our service and reliability. Moreover, most of them are in the deals with us for over five years.

Besides construction site CCTV security systems Citiguardsecurity has provided key holding and alarm response services to businesses and home security for over 30 years. We have quickly answer alarm activations, and we can work directly with the emergency services if required.