What is SIA Door Supervisor?

An SIA license may be a compulsory watchman license that a person or security-related business needs before undertaking designated activities within the private security industry. The license covers manned guarding, door supervision, cash and valuables in transit, close protection, security guarding, and public space surveillance using key holding, CCTV, and vehicle immobilizing.


Before the License was created in 2001, the security industry didn’t have any compulsory watchman license and suffered from a nasty reputation. As a result, security companies didn’t regulate the staff they were using or find it necessary to coach or develop their team any longer than was absolutely necessary. Therefore the government in 2003 created a non-departmental public body reporting to the house Secretary. It was called the Safety Industry Authority (SIA).


The SIA is liable for licensing and regulating the security, ensuring that individuals working in the industry are ‘fit and proper.’ They are also qualified & trained to a suitable level to try to work. They set up the system to enhance public safety ensuring proper qualifications were gained, and background checks were completed.

They will determine the work that is performed and, therefore, the activity of this role. Then, you’ll decide if you would like a license. If the job or the training is on the battlefront of any security-related industry, then you would like an SIA license. Working without a license may be a criminal offense and, if found guilty, can bring the maximum prison at least for six months or a fine of £5000.

Role of an SIA Door Supervisor

Door supervisors are liable for the security, protection, or screening of the suitability of persons entering licensed premises or handling conflict in pubs, nightclubs, bars, cafes, and other licensed premises hospitable to the general public. The door supervisor is the individual who works on the premises authorized by the local governing bodies. They even have the responsibility to gauge a person entering the premises on their behavior, selecting who might not be suitable to enter the premises. Hence it’s required for the Door Supervisor to possess proper training within the physical intervention, drug awareness, and alcohol licensing while keeping the order within the premises in terms of law and every visitor’s safety. Actually, it’s only the feature of physical intervention within the training modules that sets aside the two.

A licensed Door Supervisor can work as a guard, but a guard, even with the suitable License, can’t act as a Door Supervisor.

The License is issued by the Safety Industry Authority (SIA) and is valid for three years. With the SIA Door Supervisor License, individuals can add pubs, bars, shops, malls, office buildings, and more. Primary responsibilities include keeping the general public safe from harm and protecting personal property.

SIA Door Supervisor Training

To apply for the Door Supervisor License, the SIA requires you to finish formal training and pass the assessment.

The Door Supervisor training course runs over six days and contains the subsequent four units:

·         Unit 1: Working within the Private Security Industry

·         Unit 2: Working as a Door Supervisor

·         Unit 3: Conflict Management

·         Unit 4: Physical Intervention

However, the course for thedoor supervisor examinationhas already been decided. The course for SIA License is assessed by 4 multiple choice exams and a written exam. These are going to be persisted on Judgment Day and can test your knowledge of the content taught during the course.

Qualifications of the door supervisor

Before you apply for your License, you want to get a qualification for door supervision that’s recognized by the Safety Industry Authority (SIA). To get stuff for door supervision, you have to take 4 training modules and pass 3 exams.

The modules you want to study are:

·         SIA’s ‘Common’ module

·         Door supervision module

·         Conflict management module

·         Physical intervention skills module

The Role of A Door Supervisor?

However, a Door Supervisor is that one who can work on the premises, which an area administration authorizes. These generally include alcohol-serving premises like pubs, clubs, bars, casinos, and entertainment venues. Moreover, the role of the door supervisor is to require responsibility for safety. And therefore the safety of the visitors and customers within the premises. In addition, they need the responsibility of judging the suitability of persons entering the venue. They are responsible for making appropriate decisions on who gets entry and who is considered unacceptable.

Judging criteria may include some points like the age and behavior of individuals trying to realize access within the venue, i.e., whether the person underage, is carrying deadly and dangerous weapons or illegal substances, or is displaying unruly behavior. Door supervisors also are liable for maintaining order within the premises, managing crowds, handling conflicts and emergencies inside the venue, and cooperating with management and police.