10 Ways to keep your Vacant Property Safe

There are many reasons people vacate their home before it’s sold, but doing so presents a couple of challenges and makes your home susceptible to thieves and vandals.

To prevent either, you need multiple layers of security, from physical to electronic security measures. So any physical barrier (wall, fence, door, and window) needs to be a deterrent and strong enough to delay an entry. Lighting needs to be active (burglars can then be seen) and passive (Gives you a warning of a presence you want in the event of a home invasion). The alarm needs to be armed to alert both, and having a response link is preferable. In a home invasion, most people don’t have their alarms on. Always have doors and windows locked.

The main difference between the approach to these is that you want to be alerted as early as possible to the presence of a home invader as they tend to use violence on the home occupants, whereas a burglar will gain entry when you are not there. As a home invasion can turn violent, always have multiple personal defense weapons around your home.

Fortunately, protecting your empty home while selling it’s not only simple. However, it’s also affordable. Using security cameras to keep the yard in tip-top shape, here we will tell you 10 simple tips to secure your vacant home.

Check Your Policy

Several insurance companies are concerned about the liability a vacant home presents. You’ll want to contact your insurance firm to seek out how your protection might change once you’ve empty your house. You may ask if there are special regards you want to guard your home and how long the policy will cover your place. Some insurance companies concentrate on offering “Vandalism and vandalism Coverage.” It protects your empty house.

Use Exterior Lighting

Secure your home against robbers by enhancing your home’s exterior lighting. A mixture of lights on timers and motion-activated lights will deter burglars. Make it clear that your home’s entrances are well lit. Sheds and detached garages should even be outfitted with exterior lights. There are home security systems that provide enhanced exterior lights that integrate with security cameras. When the sunshine detects motion, the house security camera is activated and records video. You’ll view that video on your web-enabled device.

Identify an Area Contact

If it’s not convenient for you to go to your home daily, ask someone sort of a friend, relative, or neighbor to try to do so for you. Trusted neighbors can easily keep an eye fixed on your home. You pay someone to perform the service. Some companies focus on taking care of vacant homes by performing interior and exterior checks and ensuring yard maintenance is performed regularly. Even companies will find people to measure in your home while it’s on the market.

Protect Your Home from the Weather

Of course, you’ll want to require steps to secure your home against intruders, but you’ll also want to guard it. A method to try to do so is by employing a programmable thermostat that prevents pipe freezing and cools the house in summer. There are several affordable thermostats with built-in Wi-Fi, so you’ll adjust them remotely, and they’re also people who integrate with your home automation system.

Keep Your Home Security System Active

To attenuate expenses, you would possibly be tempted to terminate your home security monitoring service. That’s an error. Regardless of what quiet neighborhood or community your house is located in, it’s a major target for vandals and thieves. Some thieves make a living by targeting vacant homes and stripping them of everything they will.

Home Preparednes 

Before you leave your home, prepare it by doing things like replacing shoddy entry doors with hardwood or steel doors that boast strong locks. You’ll also want to form sure that each window is locked and closed correctly. A home automation brings convenience as you can turn lights on and off remotely. If you have installed blinds,you can turn them up so natural light is let in without alerting thieves  that the house is empty.

Monitored alarm

Fire & intruder alarms present at an empty property should be regularly tested and maintained to ensure they’re working. Alarm monitoring may be a key service that provides peace of mind 24/7. If the worst should happen at your empty property, trained security monitoring professionals can respond quickly and escalate things to relevant emergency services.

Access Control

Controlling access to your vacant property is important. It is easy to ensure windows and doors are locked and secure, but the harder it’s for unauthorized intruders to realize access, the higher. It’s advisable to cover windows or install steel shutters where possible and even permanently barricade letterboxes.

Isolate Non-Essential Services

Non-essential services are necessary to minimize risks like water damage and fire from the gas supply. Remember to think about what services could also be required, for instance, for security lighting, alarms, or CCTV.

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Ensure Regular Checks and Maintenance

It is important to regularly go to the empty property to make sure there are no signs of entry, damage, or theft. Additionally, enlisting neighbors’ support to stay an eye fixed on the property is often worthwhile. Regular maintenance checks on fencing and security equipment are essential to ensure your empty property security is optimized and dealt with.

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