Commercial Property

If you want to set up a healthy, safe, and clean working environment for your commercial properties, our highly qualified staff is there to assist you. Commercial property owners need to tackle various issues such as pest infestation, AC unit problems, lift breakdown, and much more.

Dealing with those issues regularly requires time, money, and energy. You rather like to put all your focus on your business operation than troubleshoot these issues. Thereby, we are here to offer leading services of facilities management.

Our team of highly qualified professionals is always ready to make your life easy and comfortable. We will create a healthy working environment for you and your staff.

What do we offer?

Our team will fix any problem you face in your commercial property while focusing on other essential work things. Isn’t it a great deal? You can’t agree more. Please give us a call and avail of our leading commercial property maintenance, care, and management services. We help you create a safe working environment that will boost the operational efficiency of your core business.

Window cleaning

 We can make your internal and external windows spotless and sparkling clean. Our expert does detailed cleaning of hard-to-reach spots so that your glass window sparkles sunshine all over the place.

General cleaning

Our expert staff offers top-class cleaning and hygiene solutions. Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly services, we can provide you with tailored choices. We have been offering services to various commercial properties such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shops, offices, and much more. We will help you maintain a top-class hygienic environment for your customers, public, and employees.

Grounds maintenance

We offer dependable services of ground maintenance that help you set the best first impression on your commercial property’s visitors and clients.

Pest control

Pest infestation in your commercial property poses serious health risks for employees, visitors, and clients. Besides, an infested place will damage your public image and lead to lawsuits where you will have to settle and face financial trouble. It’s essential to nip the evil in the bud. Our experienced pest technician will deliver fast and cost-effective pest control solutions for your place. Besides, we ensure that you won’t have to deal with this problem again as we put in place reliable preventive measures.

Specialist cleaning

 if you need a spotless commercial property, only we can offer you that. Our specialist cleaning service includes high-level cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, deep cleaning, and much more.

Planned and reactive building maintenance

Clogged gutters and sinks always leave a wrong impression on your customers. The smell from clogged spots makes the whole working environment challenging to walk into. Our team examines your space and creates a proper plan of complete office refurbishment and cleaning.

Lift Maintenance

Your lift needs regular maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns. An out-of-order lift will put your clients and employees at risk. They will feel discomfort. You can’t afford to set a wrong impression with a broken lift. Would you mind hiring our expert for reliable service and maintenance service?

Air Conditioning Services

The productivity of your employee is entirely dependent on the comfort of the workplace. If the air conditioning unit doesn’t work correctly, an inadequate level of cooling and heating will disrupt employee focus and workability. Our highly skilled staff is experienced in installing, maintaining, and services to all kinds of AC units. Besides, we ensure that AC units in your space are super comfortable and meet the industry standards and compliance.

Waste management

Every commercial property owner has to take the critical step for waste management to meet industry compliance and standard. Citiguard offers you help in this regard. Our experts are working all over England. We render waste management services to cater to your specific business needs. From waste collection to recycling to food waste disposal, we offer you what you need.