Residential Property Managers and Letting Agents

At Citiguard, we offer innovative soluons to residential property managers and letting agents. We help you create a vision of a perfect home in front of tenants. Our exceptional property care and maintenance services meet the regulatory and quality demands of property management. We have been working in England for many years. During that time, we worked with tons of letting agents and property managers. We know what tenants are looking for, so we address every concern and swiftly deal with every issue. After hiring us, You can focus solely on tenant sourcing while creating a welcoming space for your tenants.

What services do We Offer?

Here is how we put a display of the perfect home for your tenants.

Communal Area Cleaning – We take pride in our spotless commercial area cleaning services. Our staff knows how to make any space super clean and hygienic, from clearing the mess of communal areas to organizing staircases and hallways.

End of tenancy cleaning: Once a tenant leaves a space, he leaves a mess behind. We will clean it all up and make space ready for a new tenant.

GSR, EICR, and Landlord compliance

The most demanding task for every letting agent and the property manager is to meet regulatory compliance. Let our experts deal with this challenge. We perform regular tests and risk assessments so that our clients don’t have to deal with liabilities. Our year of experience helped us to meet the latest health and safety standards for a diverse property portfolio.

Lift maintenance

Your building needs regular lift maintenance. If the lift is out of order, the tenant will feel discomfort and prefer to leave your space for another area. We help you keep your tenants with regular servicing and maintenance service for every building lift.

Air conditioning services

Your building has various AC units. It’s challenging to keep up with the repair and maintenance of every unit. Let us handle it all. We will make your property comfortable and fully compliant by offering you regular repair, installation, and maintenance service for air conditioning units.

Grounds maintenance

Car parking and communal garden should be picture-perfect. If they are not, no tenant will like to sign a contract. Citiguard has a team of experts who will do regular or ad hoc ground maintenance to make the ground a special place to walk in.

Check-in, check-outs, and midterms.

Citiguard offers reliable property inventories, check-ins, check-outs, and midterms for all kinds of residential properties all over England.

Out of hours triage and call out service.

Tenants experience problems from time to time, sometimes a problem arises at midnight. Thanks to our 24/7 help desk, we will deal with all kinds of concerns and issues your tenant faces. This round-the-clock service will help you keep your tenants happy and satisfied. If any tenant needs emergency technician service, we will dispatch it. We are known for offering quick solutions to every kind of problem that a tenant faces.