Void Property Protection

Citiguard Security provide professional, managed empty property solutions. If you have a vacant property we can provide a wide array of solutions to guard your property against squatters, fly tipping, illegal property occupation from travellers, theft of lead and copper.We offer building management solutions to offices and residential properties and can also warn property owners of weather damage and building problems that can be more costly to repair if gone unnoticed through our Vacant Property Inspection Reports. Complete with photographs we can tailor these to enable you to concentrate on profit generating activity whilst we act as your ‘eyes and ears’ at a fraction of the cost of your time and travelling.

Squatted commercial property?We provide a cost effective and PR friendly alternative to confrontation and the usual ‘bailiffs and legal costs’ route

No idea what to do and your current security provider clueless? We’re avaliable to act within a few hours to stablise and freeze the situation, meanwhile drafting a plan of action that has been proved to achieve Vacant Possession within 4 hours of our team’s arrival onsite – 100% of the time!

Taking action yourself? We advise you not to, UK law provides for the protection of squatters and your own common law rights. Intimidation is an offence and any scuffle or conflict can result in clients being arrested whilst overstretched Police forces try and ascertain who is at fault at a later stage.

The costs through the Civil system compared to ours? Average time to evict in court – 12 weeks, average time for Citiguard to achieve vacant possession – 48 hours from written instruction. Average cost to evict through the Civil system £9000, average cost with Citiguard £4000. Average cost of property damage and rectification for every week squatters are allowed to remain in a squatted property (without considering the impact of lost rental or sale revenue) £10000.

What to do next? Call us and our Enforcement Specialist with 30 years knowledge will be onsite in 24 hours and we’ll have a full report with photographs and costs to rectify all damages and an action plan to you within 48 hours.

Stop worrying and being baffled and let us step in now and solve the problem… and after the dust has settled we’ll secure the property, inspect and maintain it for you – thereby preventing a reoccurance!