Landlord property solutions

You hold an array of responsibilities toward your Tenants as a landlord. Sometimes, you feel overburdened as it’s a pretty challenge to provide a secure and free of hazards living space to every tenant. If the burden of responsibility is too much for you, let us share this burden.

It’s common knowledge that a property is exposed to certain levels of risks such as illegal entry, criminal damage, water leakage, fire, and others. If you have experts like us at your side, you can prevent this exponential risk level. It’s because we will perform risk assessments and maintain your property most professionally.

Citiguard is a multi-facet company whose skilled workforce is there to assist you. We offer leading landlord property maintenance solutions for every and all kinds of problems a landlord faces. From handling day-to-day risks to avoiding legal cases, we will handle it all on your behalf.

We know how tricky it is to manage a property as a landlord, so we give you complete peace of mind with our stress-free management solutions. We keep your property and tenants safe and happy with our top-class services.

Our dedicated staff manages your property while meeting legal compliance and requirements. We assure you that our fully insured services will help you maintain the market value of your property portfolio.

What do we offer?

Here is what we offer to our valued customers all over England.

End of tenancy cleaning-Old tenants always leaves a lot of mess behind. Our cleaning and hygiene team will clean it all up and make the property sparkling clean and welcoming for your new tenant.

Compliance and safety checks

 As a landlord, you are responsible for performing regular health and safety inspections and checking on your property. Safety requirements keep changing over time, and keeping up with the latest ones is a hassle- you don’t want to go through.

 Our highly experienced building inspection team is there to look after all the inspection and testing. Your building will be ready for third-party inspection once we are done. We also submit digital inspection reports for our customer knowledge and guidance. Everything is recorded with digital inspection reports.

Building maintenance and refurbishment

Your building condition should be good to maintain and preserve your property’s market value and attract new tenants. Our property care and maintenance services perform routine checks and do cosmetic maintenance, so your property meets and exceeds the highest standard of property care. If your property needs refurbishment, we will take this project and complete it on time to boost its rental value.

Electrical rewire & boiler replacement

Our expert team will examine your property’s electrical and gas requirements. If your property needs rewiring or boiler replacement, we will handle this project from start to end. It’s vital to perform this check to meet advanced safety standards.

Property inventories

You invest a lot of money on a property and its inventory. You can’t afford to lose inventories due to criminal tenants. We won’t let it happen. Our expert staff will check-in and out when a new tenant comes, or an old one leaves the space. You will get peace of mind that we look after your property well.

Furniture and fixtures solutions

Your property might need presentable furniture and fixtures. You must keep updating your property finishing to impress new clients and your existing tenants feel comfortable. We deliver top-quality furniture and fittings at a reasonable price to every landlord.

Appliance installation

Does your property need top-quality white goods? If yes, then we are here to help you out. Our team can install and provide new washing machines, freezers, fridges, cookers, coffee machines, dishwashers, and much more. We will take full responsibility for your property appliance, from disposing of old devices to installing new ones.

Carpet and flooring fitting

The rental value of your property is dependent on its carpet and flooring. We offer a wide assortment of designs and styles for property flooring and carpets. Our team can boost the aesthetic value of your interior so that you can attract the attention of new tenants quickly.

Landscaping & gardening

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to handle hard landscaping tasks such as trimming tall hedges, pruning trees, fence maintenance, deck repair, etc. It is a tiresome task. Let our team handle it on your behalf to have a sigh of relief.

Pest control

As a landlord, you need to provide a healthy and safe environment to tenants. If your property has a pest infestation, this place becomes a danger for its inhabitants. Our skilled workforce offers cost-effective solutions to this infestation so that you can provide a safe and sound living space to your tenants.

At Citiguard, we offer reliable and most effective Landlord Property maintenance and care solutions. Give us a call to know more.