Property Maintenance

The value of your property is entirely dependent on its upkeep and regular maintenance. Once you stop taking care of a property, it becomes obsolete. Minor issues transform into more significant issues when you overlook property over time. Don’t have time to maintain a property? No worries, Citiguard is a multi-facet company. We are here to handle property maintenance tasks on your behalf.

Our highly skilled workforce is always there to work in simple and complex environments. We have been handling many commercial buildings such as offices, vacant buildings, industrial premises, public authority buildings, and much more.

What do we offer?

Tailored Solutions

We take pride in offering tailored property maintenance solutions to our customers. We know every property has different issues to provide you with an answer as per your specific problem. We offer you an account executive who will oversee only your properties. In this dynamic world, getting this level of personalized service is nothing but a challenge.

Vacant Property Maintenance

We can accommodate both light and heavy maintenance services for your vacant building. No matter if you have single or multiple facilities, we assure you of quality maintenance and upkeep services. We will provide night security services, weatherization, weekly landscaping, building maintenance, and any other work you request or need.

Excellent Care and Safekeeping

We know your building is an asset that needs constant attention and maintenance. Thereby, our professional staff is ready to perform regular safekeeping and care.

Our range of services include:

  • Painting and Plastering services
  • Handyman, Locksmith, Plumber, Electrician Services.
  • Property Grounds Services
  • Construction and Landscaping Services
  • Carpet & Tile Installation and Cleaning Services
  •  Water Damage Restoration Services
  •  Air Duct Cleaning, Repair, Maintenance
  • Pest/Infection Control Services
  • Janitorial Work
  •  Security Alarm and CCTV Installation Services
  •  Heavy Trash Removal Services

Reputable Staff

We have earned a reputation for integrity and quality services among our customers. Our satisfied customers refer us to tons of other clients in England.

Diverse Services

We know that commercial property maintenance is a task that involves a variety of services. Our staff is capable of providing you the service you need. No matter how big or small your task is, we are here to handle it well. Our year of experience gives us a chance to fix any issue your property has.

Dependable Services

Once you hire our staff, you will realize how professional they are in their service handling. We give you timely reports and updates about your property maintenance. Our transparency makes us the best service providers in England. We offer custom property maintenance solutions to every client we have.

Safety and Compliance

We trained our staff regularly. It helps our client get a service that meets safety standards and Industry compliance. We offer a complete building service package to meet and exceed the quality service expectations of our clients.

If you are hunting for a dependable company for your property care and maintenance. We are always here to offer you a helping hand. Our highly trained and fully insured staff is only a call away regardless of what service you need. Give us a call to get a free estimate for our assistance.