6 Things to Add in your safety and security plan for events

When organizing a whole event, there are several aspects to be taken care of. It would help if you dealt with many perspectives, the catering, the seating, the decorations, the lighting, and most of the security, though it isn’t felt as necessary as it should be. We generally keep security measurements to be dealt with at the last moment. Not only do we prefer to manage event security in the least of time but money also. This behavior makes our event risky and threatening for the attendees. 

Realize the value of event security and give it critical importance. Contact some of the leading event security management companies and get a planned strategy for your event so that you are your guests enjoy yourselves with safety and peace of mind.

6 Things in Your Event Security Plan That Will Keep Your Event Safe

Making a foolproof and 100% secured security plan for an event isn’t an easy task. It would help if you were thoroughly trained and equipped for that. If you run an event security company, you should make an event security planning checklist consisting of all the necessary precautions and safety measures. Here are enlisted six things that are highly essential for the safety and security in event management.

Event Health and Safety Checklist

When making security plans for your event, especially for a massive event, necessarily consider the health and well-being of your guests. Some guests can be suffering from diseasing, such as cardiac problems, take necessary precautions for such guests. Prepare your staff for all potential threats and possible mishaps. Security procedures for an event need proper planning and a good strategy. Prepare a checklist of such measures, as one given below.

  • An ambulance should be present outside the venue for any mishap
  • Try to choose a platform that has a hospital at a reasonable distance
  • There should be first aid kits for any small accident
  • Having a paramedic on board will act as a plus

There could also be disputes or fight among the crowd to prepare your staff to deal with such situations.

Crowd Management

Handling the crowd is very necessary for the success of an event. A mismanaged crowd can lead to sheer disaster or a catastrophe, especially in political events. Make security boundaries around the stage to prevent the audience from getting onto it. Also, prepare a perimeter of security guards to protect the stage manually. When any VIP enters, stays, or leaves the event, keep him isolated from the crowd by assigning a pack of guards, especially for that VIP.

Train your staff to deal with the crowd according to the situation. Unless the situation isn’t out of control, the staff should politely handle them. The misbehaving attitude from the staff can also lead to disrupted situations.

Car Parking Management

Car Parking is an essential area of the venue. Many disastrous activities can be planned regarding the parking area. It is because, generally, that area isn’t well secured as all other areas. This negligence acts as an opportunity for those who are trying to find one. When organizing an event, do consider the security of the parking lot seriously.

A mismanaged parking plan can lead to chaos and anarchy in the event. Properly arrange the parking area labeling and issue tickets to the respective owners for keeping track of the guests.

Have an Emergency Plan

After having planned all the safety and security in event management, there might exist some loopholes that you may have overlooked. Having a 100% foolproof security plan for an event is genuinely possible. In case of any loophole, prepare an emergency plan. Know that if any catastrophic situation arrives, how are you going to deal with it. Also, train your staff for all unexpected dangers.

Also, keep your staff well-coordinated and connected. It will help them to take a quick call in emergencies. 

Hire Properly Trained Staff

An untrained or even a poorly trained staff instead of providing safety can itself be a reason for chaos. When hiring staff, check on their license and their expertise. Also, depending on their previous training and train them yourself too, so that when securing an event, they can also provide valuable services.

An appropriately trained staff will know the best ways to control chaotic situations.

Use Security Alert Systems

There exist many advanced security alert systems that can aid you in protecting an event. Many alert systems, such as intruder alert systems, smoke detectors, metal detectors, etc are helpful. Installing them over the venue and using them properly will add value to your event security.