9 Real Reasons to Hire a Bodyguard for Executive Protection

With the currently increasing crime and violence rates, people, especially celebrities, political office holders, and corporate executives, are becoming more worried and less sleep. For this reason, personal and residential security became vital aspects of people’s safety and happiness.

Having a bodyguard may be a brilliant measure for ensuring your safety also as that of your family. If you would like to roll in the hay with both eyes closed and your mind at rest, you would like a bodyguard. The reality is you would like to figure with a security team you trust, and there are many things to think about once you begin the method. This guide details everything you would like to understand about why you ought to hire a bodyguard and who is presumably to profit from professional bodyguard services. Apart from merely having someone to keep you company all the time, below are 9 reasons why it rocks to possess a bodyguard:

1.A Bodyguard will Defend you From Physical Harm

Bodyguards are well trained in safety tactics. In emergency cases, they will unleash their self-defense, first aid, and weapon handling skills, counting on what things require. So, if you face any harmful challenge, otherwise you sustain some severe injury, you’ll have a helper around you. 

2.A Bodyguard Knows When Danger Lies Ahead

However, bodyguards are well-trained to make safety routes. They know best which areas of your city you ought to stay beyond at various points in time, for multiple reasons including traffic and danger. So, a bodyguard knows which routes to require to keep you and your family safe from harm.

3.A Bodyguard can Tell People’s Motives

Most of the time, no one can guess what other people have in their minds. They’ll be criminals. They’ll be sinners who want to cheat us. They’ll be detectives sent by real criminals to examine our vulnerabilities. And that they may produce other ulterior motives that might leave you badly burned within the end. Bodyguards are well trained to know people’s psychologies and predict what they’re likely to try to. So, having one around you’d protect you from covert enemies.

4.A Bodyguard does Entirely Protect

Bodyguards can also handle various tasks, like driving and running particular errands other than protect you from danger. In short, bodyguards are versatile. So, if you hire a bodyguard, the likelihood is that you’ll get far more than personal and residential protection.

5.A Bodyguard Checks for Vulnerabilities

Most times, burglars forced entry into houses successfully because homeowners don’t adopt adequate repelling burglars and protect their homes against them. If you hire a bodyguard, the likelihood is that he or she will notice any vulnerability in your home or office and can warn you of the risks of such exposures.

  1. Bodyguards can Offer you Helpful Non-Security Ideas

Aside from offering helpful security-related tips, a bodyguard provides information, suggestions, and ideas on other matters. They know much about your personal life and activities. So, a bodyguard isn’t just a protector; he’s an adviser and a concerned companion. You’ll become so on the brink of your bodyguard that you will badly miss them once they are away. Yes, it could get to it.

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7.A Bodyguard is Suitable for People with Special Needs

Besides protection, a bodyguard can serve people with special needs in some ways, like:

  • Holding them once they need support
  • Leading them through the way, helping them carry and handle things they have
  • Helping them seek help once they need it, and so on.

So, hiring a bodyguard will relieve you of the many worries and make life more pleasant if you’re someone with special needs.

8.A bodyguard is a Private Assistant

Sometimes you’ll be so busy that you won’t be ready to pick calls or attend to other urgent matters like sending or replying to significant emails. In such cases, a bodyguard could assist you out. And this is often why many of us stipulate that their bodyguards have sound communications skills and other relevant skills.

9.A bodyguard is often your spy

If you’re being skeptical about getting to an area to get closer to an object, you’ll tell your bodyguard to assess the place or thing for safety. Bodyguards know what signs to observe out for that indicate impending danger. The skills to reduce a rising threat to your life when he notices one. And yes, he’s smart enough to guard himself adequately. So, he won’t be putting his own life on the road while trying to defend yours.


In conclusion, if you’ve got always push aside—the thought of hiring a bodyguard already because you think that you don’t need one. Because you feel you don’t have enough reasons to rent one. However, these 9 points would prompt you to possess a change of mind. For max protection and safety during emergencies and crises, hiring a bodyguard is that the best choice.