What’s Included in Office/Commercial Cleaning?

If you own an office or any other commercial space, its maintenance and cleaning is your responsibility; you should focus on it with utter emphasis. But do you think managing the cleanliness of a whole commercial premise by a single person or maybe a two is possible? Of course not. You will need to assign this significant duty to a company that provides commercial cleaning or office cleaning services. You can surf the internet to find some of the most highly rated and reviewed companies to get your premises cleaned. 

Why do you need Commercial Cleaning?

When you think about your home’s cleanliness, you can easily manage that on your own, even if you are a busy person. Although domestic cleaning services also exist, most people opt to avoid these extra expenses and clean their homes on their own. But when we talk about a commercial premise, it becomes difficult to be done by oneself. It’s not only because of a large area but also because of many people, either employees or customers, continuously roaming the area. Moreover, the equipment and tools used by a professional team will provide a cleaner effect.

Remember that customers will get more attracted towards a clean environment.

What do commercial cleaning services offer?

When you get a company assigned, there will be two types of services provided by them:

  • Regular Cleaning Services
  • Deep Cleaning Services

Regular Commercial Cleaning

If you own a commercial premise, e.g., a cinema, a boutique, a superstore, a bakery, a restaurant, any educational institution, etc., you will undoubtedly need proper cleaning regularly. You will need a professional team to clean every nook and corner of your premises so that your customers won’t complain about anything. Also, it will allow you to have better business growth.

Some companies will provide you regular commercial cleaning services for regularly clean premises. This regularly based cleaning contains many benefits. Here is a commercial cleaning checklist for you to ensure proper cleaning.

  • Sweeping the floors
  • Mopping the floors with detergent and fragrant antibacterial products
  • Dusting the furniture regularly.
  • Maintaining a hygienic environment in the kitchen (if the premises contain one)
  • Cleaning the toilets, from urinals to the floors and the sinks, everything is cleaned using toilet and washroom cleaners.
  • Keeping enough stocks of handwashes, soaps, toilet papers, towels, etc. in the toilets
  • Vacuuming the carpeted rooms and all the mats on the premises
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Emptying the dustbins throughout the premises and collect all of them in a single place.
  • Cleaning the floors considering the materials used, e.g., tiles should be mopped.
  • Remove spiderwebs from corners.
  • Clean automatic glass doors.
  • Keep the furniture in the proper arrangement; nothing should look chaotic.
  • All the cleaning should be done before the employees’ entry.
  • Also, keep a few cleaning staff to ensure cleaning throughout the day if anything happens.
  • Professional equipment and tools should be used.

Regular cleaning is essential. It is required for a professional environment.

Deep Commercial Cleaning 

Although regular cleaning covers most of the areas and helps keep up a clean environment, some of the stuff remains untouched and becomes dirty over time. It is recommended that commercial premises owners consider deep cleaning of their premises a least once a month to ensure complete hygiene. Here is a commercial cleaning services list to know what additional services will be provided to you when signing for a deep cleaning service.

  • Cleaning of hard to reach areas, e.g., A.C. vents, light fixtures, fans, exhaust fans, window sills, drapes, blinds,
  • Cleaning the portions of the floor that usually remain hidden either because of furniture or because of carpets.
  • Machine scrubbing the floors to provide a shining look
  • Cleaning equipment such as computers, Xerox machines, etc.
  • Sanitizing equipment, doors, doorknobs, light switches, etc.
  • Cleaning all cabinets, cupboards, desks, drawers, etc.
  • Cleaning the ceilings and walls
  • Polish mirrors
  • Cleaning handwash dispensers and dryers
  • Polish all kind of woodwork or intricate designs
  • Cleaning wall hangings and picture frames
  • Cleaning staircases, stair grills
  • Disinfecting all the floors and furniture
  • Disinfecting the toilets and urinals

This deep commercial cleaning isn’t required daily. Once a month will act as a top-up to regular commercial cleaning.

Also, remember that these services are customizable. You can remove any of the services according to your will and budget. However, having regular commercial cleaning is very important for a professional business.