Why manned guarding your Business During the holiday season is a Must?

Advanced security solutions remain useless without manned guarding. These services use modern technology to monitor your premises, but they cannot respond to an alert. For response, you would need an actual human being. At this point, manned guarding will benefit you.

Manned guarding is more effective than other security services. A manual guard would monitor your premises and effectively and efficiently respond to any danger at the very moment. In the case of other technological alert systems, they send an alert to the concerned departments, which would take some time to respond. In the meantime, the intruder may cause severe damage. But a man guarding your premises will respond to the spot to protect your office.

Manned guarding for Business during the holiday season is a must. During holiday time, criminals are more active. They focus on closed offices and factories. They use different methods to cheat the modern alarm systems. If you do not have manned guarding security, your Business may face a massive loss during this holiday season. For holiday security, manned guarding is very necessary.

Need of Manned Guarding During Holiday

The importance of manned guarding during the holiday season is explained as follows:

Time to time reporting

Having manned guarding security would benefit you by keeping you updated about the present condition of your workplace. Whenever you are doubtful whether your security cameras and alert systems are working correctly or not, you can confirm it from your security guard. A security guard keeps on updating you about the present condition from time to time. This update makes you feel face and secure your business premises. When you are away from your premises during the holiday season, the manned guarding security provides you all the necessary updates about your workplace.

Checking the appliances

Any factory or office has various appliances or machines. The protection of these appliances is a must. If any of the staff members forget to check on these appliances and remain switched on for all the holiday time, they may cause a short circuit that could lead to a fire. A man guarding your premises will keep checking your appliances for any kind of negligence on your part or your employees. During the holiday season, manned guarding security becomes very important to ensure proper safety from any mishap.

Visual warning

A security guard, guarding your premises manually, will act as a warning to all criminals. During the holiday season, criminals are the most active. They know that most of the offices being closed are at greater risk and are an easy target. They can easily manipulate your alert systems and security cameras by using different techniques. Having manned guarding security will protect you from all this nuisance. A guard will protect you from all criminals. The criminals will get a visual warning seeing manned defending. This will prevent them from causing any mishap at your workplace.

Monitoring the video footage

CCTVs are of no use if a human being does not continuously monitor them. The manned guarding security provides 24/7 monitoring of the CCTV video footage. It is one of the benefits of manned guarding security services. This footage also assists them in providing foolproof security to your premises. Suppose they notice any unusual activity inside or outside the premises. In that case, they respond immediately to tackle the issue and ensure proper safety and protection of your premises.

Human abilities

Not even a single modern technology security device can replace the human senses. The way a human thinks and responds is not possible by any other security system. Manned guarding provides full-time security to your premises. A human can sense danger even before seeing it. He can use his senses to connect dots and find any nuisance around your business premises. During the holiday season, there is no human being, neither employees nor employers, at your office or factory. Hence, manned guarding becomes a must to protect your premises from any risks or dangers.

Check for any negligence

Before going on a holiday, gates, windows, and all other entry and exit points are correctly closed and locked. There may be negligence on your part, which may cause huge loss or damage. Manned guarding checks for any potential negligence and takes necessary measurements to ensure your premises’ protection and safety.

Alarm system monitoring

Having alarm systems is of no use if they are not monitored. Manned guarding does protect not only your premises but also monitors your alarm systems. They respond to an alert immediately and take measurements required for protection. When there is absolutely no one inside your workplace during the holiday season, it becomes essential to have a manned guarding that will also monitor your alarm system.