How Does Dog handler Keep Your Premises Safe

If you’re trying to find a highly cost-effective security solution, security dogs are one of the best practical hindrances against anyone looking to impress violence or steal. Also referred to as a man’s ally, dogs have the power to recognize social hierarchies. They need a fantastic awareness of their environment and complete loyalty to their owner.

Depending on what tasks you need a dog handler to undertake can determine its role. Well, in this article, you will get the details of what security dog handlers are often used for:

Detection Dogs

It’s a well-known incontrovertible fact that a dog’s most precious sense is its sense of smell. Compared to human beings, dogs have two different nasal passages against one, which they use for breathing and smelling. It suggests that dogs are capable of storing the smell even during exhalation. Their different smell receptors will enable the dogs to smell out objects, no human being in this world could detect. Through training, a dog will help pinpoint an item to a particular location or area.

However, depending on whether the dog has been trained to show bombs or drugs, they will be utilized in banks, schools, airports, or public events to call a couple of areas.

Guard Dogs

Well, guard dogs will have slightly scary and hardworking personalities. Moreover, a well-trained and highly professional dog can make a public place safer. It can run more smoothly without the necessity to harm or attack anyone. Breeds used to protect usually range from German Shepherds for their ability, size, and athleticism to Mastiffs for their physical and intimidating behavior. However, as another security dog, they must be well trained to reply to commands that the dog handler will keep the premises safe.

Patrol Dogs

However, security dogs like German Shepherds make great patrol dogs that won’t help chase down criminals fleeing a criminal offense scene. The dogs are specially trained to require people down without harming them, usually knocking them off balance. The dogs can keep the criminal in position by employing a vice-like grip with their mouth while the security guards catch up to restrain the suspect.

Moreover, the advantages of using some general-purpose security dog and handler service on your property include:

·         MEC Security operates a 24-hour room, providing seven days every week service to watch sites providing highly effective and responsive security.

·         Attendance in liveried vehicles and therefore displaying appropriate warning signs informing all of our security dog and handler performing on your premises.

·         The dog handler will work under the Guard Dogs Act 1975, allowing trained Security Dog and Handler teams to guard your premises.

·         All the professionals hold recognized industry certification and comply with British Standard 8517-1:2009 Part 1 and British Standard 8517-2:2010. Moreover, all the professional staff is trained by approved and experienced trainers in their chosen role. However, to ensure that the very best standards are maintained, each dog handler undergoes regular continuation training and annual examination keeps with their proper certification.

·         The security dogs will save their handler and show controlled aggression if confronted with threatening or aggressive behavior.

·         However, trained security dogs often have the difference between catching any thief and failing to perceive a burglar. Once they are perceived, the security dog and the dog handler are ready to catch a thief with a little or no fight until the arrival of the local public police.

·         More than often, just the sound and sight of the security dog and its handler patrolling your site is enough to discourage potential intruders and criminals from targeting your property.

General Purpose Security Dog Patrols

With the rise in reports of criminal damage, anti-social behavior, theft of metal, machinery, plant, and building materials becoming common occurrences in today’s environment.

Our general-purpose security dog patrols are:

·         A proven Security Service.

·         Providing a status visual & audible deterrent to criminal damage.

·         Anti-social behavior and theft.

A general-purpose dog security team may be a cost-effective solution to protecting large sites or open spaces where multiple security guards would usually be required.