How Much Does Event Security Cost?

Security is very important for any event or party. Once you are hosting a private party, the safety of your guests should be your favorite priority. Moreover, security services prices vary from event to event. Private parties accompany their unique security concerns. Professional security services companies can partner with your event producer to ensure that each potential risk is addressed. They will provide highly trained, professional, and discrete private party security personnel who are expressly qualified in handling any threats you would possibly face. 

Besides all, private event security guards with Off Duty Officers have partnered with businesses, organizations, and individuals to supply security for events, including:

  • VIP parties
  • After parties
  • Weddings
  • Award shows
  • Grand openings
  • Black tie affairs and galas
  • Appreciation events
  • Creative art or film premieres
  • Fundraisers and charity events
  • Celebrity or politician appearances
  • College or university events
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and festivals

Hiring experienced and licensed professionals to ensure required services at the budget of your pocket. Never hire substandard and inexperienced ones. However, the cost of hiring security may vary depending upon many factors, as given here.

Quality of the Guests Needed

The number of required guards depends on the standard of guests too. For higher class weddings, alongside the professional aspects, many vital factors play a determining role. Like- handle sudden situations and effective communication skills. The lower-wage paid guard wouldn’t be suitable for a typical party. And you’ll imagine how little someone getting paid wage cares about his job.

Armed vs. Unarmed Guard

Unless you reside in a faulty area or are getting to have political figures or gang members at your party, you almost certainly don’t get to have an armed guard. An armed guard would cost you more due to the upper risk of liability.

Single Guard working vs. Security Company

The reliability insurance isn’t highly superb with the guard working alone, as seen within the guards’ case within the safety company. Suppose he or one among your guests is hurt, or there’s an event during your party. In that case, you’ll very likely have a claim on your hands. Confirm you get a security guard through a licensed and insured company, so you don’t have any life-altering situations later. 

How far beforehand you book the safety guards. The guards’ suitability consistent with the specified circumstances requires booking the guards ahead to avoid any inconvenience. Generally, many watchman companies will turn down your request for security guards altogether, regardless of how far beforehand you’re booking them, as they don’t like doing short-term work. Moreover, if you’re getting to book an equivalent two hours back, it might be nearly impossible to rent an open security system.

As far As possible, book your security system well beforehand for the whole program to avoid any quite inconvenience.

How Much Do Security Companies Charge

Security is considered an important expense for any event that’s high-risk or that’s expected to draw a high number of attendees. Keep in mind that home security guard costs may be different from wedding security costs.

Prices for uniformed contracted security vary depending on the contract’s size, the post orders’ complexity, and the amount of assumed risk. However, a couple of companies like the corporate office secured and negotiated the contract with SPG on a corporate level. But cost-per-guard was dependent on location. For a guard that is getting $12/hour, it will sometimes charge $20-25/hour in some cases. A mid-level supervisor making $15/hour will set to SPG as something closer to $35/hour. The property director received a salary of around $60-70,000/year, but how much it will charge SPG is not confirmed. It is probably about $80,000 if they were charged, but it may change due to the situation and the circumstances.

The average cost for bodyguard protection at the national level is $20-$30/hour. Hiring security guards for the event can cost anywhere from $75/hour for one guard at a one-day private event to $150 per hour for executive protection, requiring bodyguards on-site 24/7.

Average Watchman Costs In The UK

However, as a sign, a watchman’s standard cost within the UK can vary widely from £25 to £150 per hour. Some firms will charge hourly rates, et al. will provide a hard and fast quote, but it is often advisable to possess a transparent indication of costs before going ahead.

Final Words

No matter the event’s dimensions, the companies like Citiguardsecurity have the safety professionals you may need to ensure that your party is secure, safe, successful, and fun-filled. They’ve protected events that are home in size from hundreds to thousands of attendees in venues large and small. The diary proves that they are equipped to handle any security threat that will appear competently and efficiently, so you don’t need to worry about a few things.

The plain-clothes security or bodyguards can get a little complicated from an employment standpoint since most bodyguards are private contractors or paid under the table for concerts. Many of the guys you get working these jobs are off-duty police officers and can carry concealed. You could get former police officers or military members who have their CCW to work as bodyguards.