Most Dangerous Places in London London is ranked as the 14th safest city in the world according to the Safe Cities Index (SCI) by the Economist Intelligent Unit. Still, it isn’t crime-free. The number of criminal offenses in London reached a total of 912,760 crime offenses in 2019-2020. In London, Richmond is considered the safest borough. Some areas are more dangerous due to the number of crimes taking place in that particular area. London met police updated a list of the most dangerous areas in London 2020 according to their observed crime rate. The topmost dangerous places in London and also the most dangerous places in the UK are as follows:


148,333 Wandsworth has some attractive tourist spots. People come to Wandsworth to visit spots such as the Chelsea bridge, Battersea park, etc. The tourists and visitors are the main focus of pickpockets. According to the Met police crime figures 2020 for London borough, Wandsworth has a crime count of 55,448.


It is the southeasternmost London borough. Bromley had a crime count of 51,484 according to the Met police figures 2020.

Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is in Inner London. Their crime count was 47,755. It is considered one of the most dangerous parts of London.


Brent is present in the northwest areas of London. According to met police figures, the crime count in Brent in 2020 was 64,904. Due to its increasing crime rate, it is becoming the gun crime capital of the UK.


Westminster is a busy borough. Being one of the favorite tourist destinations, it has many attractive spots for tourists, e.g., the white hall, the downing street, the Backhingum palace, the staterooms, the Parliament square, and the Westminster abbey where various famous figures lay to rest. Despite the large police force, Wandsworth remains the most dangerous borough in London. There was a crime count of 148,333 in Westminster, in 2020, according to met police figures.


The Borough of Greenwich has royal status. It is in the southeast of Greater London. If you want a quiet area to live in, then Greenwich is your destiny. Besides its quiet and silent environment, it had a crime count of 59,489.


Southwark is present in South London and forms part of Inner London. It is one of the most developed London boroughs. Still, it is deemed to be dangerous because of its more than average crime rate. 79,382 crimes were observed in Southwark, in 2020.


This London borough is in Inner London. According to met police figures 2020, Islington showed a crime count of 61,616. It is one of the areas that you should avoid in London.

Hammersmith and Fulham

This borough is spread around in Inner London, West and Southwest London. Hammersmith and Fulham have relatively less area. The crime count observed in this borough was 47 733. It is one of the worst areas in west London.


Camden is a part of ‘Central London’. Due to its high development and the significant number of historic places, this area is also a tourist spot. The crime count faced in Camden in 2020 was 77,083.


It is a London borough in North London. It is known for its hipster culture. Haringey showed a crime count of 66,759 in 2020. Haringey is the main hub of presently violent knife crimes happening in London. Such conditions require each citizen to be conscious of his safety and take necessary measures.