Void Property Protection Ultimate Guide

Vacant properties call for participation to bother. It is causing stress for the owner or management. Everyone feels threatened from squatters and fly-tipping to destructive vandals or thieves stealing the roof tiles or copper pipes.

The fabric of a vacant property decays far quicker than occupied premises. Hence, empty property security within the sort of clear-and-clean, utility drain-down/isolation, internal and external security. Moreover, regular property inspections are essential to ensuring insurance compliance and maintaining the asset’s worth. 

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Security industries provide vacant property security designed to stop vacant property deterioration. They offer empty property security solutions to various clients, like government organizations, retail businesses, estate agencies, and housing associations. Their work solutions include mains supply or a telephone line independently. And these are reducing ongoing security-related utility costs. Most significantly, they provide you peace of mind.

Significantly, Toreadors also allow easy access for authorized personnel. These are using to remove concerns for the landowner or manager of lost or missing keys or being called out to supply access as needed. A key-operated version is additionally available.

Vacant Property Security Screens

However, steel security panels are prefabricated from one sheet of high-quality. It is zinc-coated, perforated steel that’s folded to make a rigid box shape. They’re fitted to the property’s surface. And it is completely covering each entire window and frame. The screens are secured to an indoor steel frame using tamper-proof bolts, causing little or no damage to the prevailing framework.

On the other hand, wooden boarding can cost less. But it is ineffective. It can easily be removed and even provide fuel for would-be arson attacks.

The steel screens are perforated to permit ventilation. And a few lights are painted a neutral stone color. In contrast, folded steel screens aren’t suitable anymore. Therefore, perforated steel sheet, hand-cut on-site to suit complex shapes or openings like church arched or lancet windows.

Temporary Alarms

The temporary alarm is explicitly designed to be used internally on vacant commercial and residential properties. These are set on the site where no mains power or telephone line is there. The Solo alarm may be a wire-free, stand-alone, monitored alarm that uses the mobile network for communication. It will fit, be commissioned, verified, and be dealt with to guard your property in twenty minutes.

Moreover, extra wireless detectors installed throughout the building. The Solo Alarm is often configured to detect movement, smoke, fire, water, gas, and broken glass.

A ‘verified video’ alarm is also available both internally and externally, which on activation sends a brief, encrypted video clip of any detected intrusion for immediate action by the client or security monitoring station.

Verified Video Alarm

The verified video system may be a battery-powered internal or external alarm. It captures a brief section of footage to identify the explanation for the activation right away. It can send that, via the mobile network, to a predetermined recipient or monitoring station. 

A variety of options are available, including indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility. Battery life for all devices, including the instrument panel, is up to 4 years.

Concrete Barrier Blocks

Concrete blocks, telescopic bollards, and temporary steel mesh panel fencing provide highly effective security perimeter and vehicle access management. Moreover, they restrict access from fly-tippers or those wishing to occupy land or property illegally.

Concrete blocks are also highly effective for preventing unauthorized access to forecourts, car parks, fields, and site compounds. And they are commonly wont to prevent ram-raiders or terrorist attacks on critical buildings or public areas.

Moreover, these are ideal for preventing unauthorized access to forecourts, car parks, fields, and site compounds. They can control access to fly-tippers, settlers, and other illegal occupations protecting buildings against terrorist attacks protecting pedestrians from traffic.

Temporary CCTV Solutions

Citiguardsecurity specializes in the delivery, upkeep, and monitoring of temporary CCTV. Moreover, their video solutions for empty properties or sites. Many of our clients face a variety of remote video access issues. And our solutions are specially designed to remove such problems. We offer discreet, video-verified alarms to completely independent CCTV vehicles with 6m masts.

Our temporary CCTV solutions are often operated independently. These are services available on-site, with live video streams sent to a foreign user. It enables greater flexibility and site independence. Moreover, it is acting as a deterrent to unlawful entry and vandalism.

Other Void Property Security

Our vacant property security solutions are often used for various applications. It includes securing construction sites and car parks, retail parks, and open land.

Construction sites are at high risk. And there’s always a requirement to use security measures to stop theft. Data suggests that half all builders have experienced tool theft at some point in their careers. Primarily tools are typically left ignored, mostly in vans. However, criminals have also been identified to attack builders directly for their valuable properties.

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Therefore, our site security solutions enable site managers to protect their staff and on-site assets effectively. As spe­cial­ists in remote site secu­ri­ty, we all know the importance of delivering a project in line. They are ensuring the security and protection of the location and personnel.