What are Responsibilities of a key Holding Company?

If you’re a keyholder, you’ll understand that your role in any business is crucial. Moreover, you will always take it seriously. However, those in the retail industry will recognize the importance of a keyholding service. As a result, you will get the key holding responsibilities entailed as under.

Key Holders are employees liable for opening and shutting a store. Their duties also include:

  • Handling operational procedures.
  • Assisting cashiers.
  • Providing customer service.
  • Supervising cleaning staff.
  • Setting alarms.
  • Keeping the entry area organized and clean.

The first successful example resumes highlight assets like scheduling flexibility, supervisory skills, customer service orientation, problem-solving abilities and an honest level of fitness.

What’s Keyholding?

Every key holding company in the UK should have at least one keyholder. Moreover, the keyholder will be known as an alarm activation at the foremost inappropriate moments. Whether that’s 3 o’clock within the morning or simply because the hotdogs are served at a weekend barbecue. It’s annoying, inconvenient, and truly quite scary. That’s why outsourcing your keyholding to a knowledgeable security company could also be in your best interests. Therefore, secure your business with Key holding.

Key holder UK is the responsibility of taking good care of keys for an organization and business. He is often a senior employee or a selected member. He is liable for locking down and opening up the premises. Moreover, the keyholder is additionally the initial point of contact in the case of an emergency. When an alarm is triggered, they’re the first people to give the response.

Keyholding definition:

A private service keeps safe a spare key to a property on behalf of a business. It supports business owners by providing access to their commercial premises in a lost or stolen key. The main purpose is for businesses to hand over the keys to their premises to a security firm. It is often to make sure the business is secure out of hours without the effort. If an alarm pops or there’s an out-of-hours intrusion, the keyholders will be the primary responders.

Keyholding services also can be utilized for allowing cleaners and support access to the building. One type of a keyholder is an employee taking over additional responsibilities to their current role to help to run a business. However, for instance, this is often the case in a lot of retail companies.

However, an increasing number of key holding companies Birmingham is now seeking external help and are quickly realizing the growing benefits of doing so. Keyholding is about ensuring you usually remain professional, responsible, and trustworthy. Below we’ve samples of the sort of responsibilities a keyholder takes on within the role.

Opening and Shutting

One of the most responsibilities keyholding involves is opening and locking and unlocking the property, shutting the business. Upon opening up any building, the keyholder should check the property first. And then deactivates the safety system and turns on lights. When closing the property, it’s the key holder’s responsibility to try an equivalent process in reverse, activating the safety system and ensuring the premises are locked and secure.

Protecting the Keys

Keyholding will involve the protection of the keys 24 hours each day naturally. They’re going to also get to know the safety code(s) for the alarm(s), and the keyholder must keep this information within the same place because of the keys. Suppose you were to rent an external security company or hire private security to require the keyholding role. In that case, you’ll be assured that protecting the keys would be addressed professionally and securely in the least amount of time.

Emergency Contact

As they need the power to reset the alarm, keyholders are often entrusted to be emergency contacts for the local police or a personal security firm that monitors the property. It must be taken into consideration when selecting the proper person for a keyholding position. They need to be available, responsible, and practical.


When employing a keyholder within the corporation, most of the retail employees entrusted with keys are often high-ranking sales associates. It suggests they perform their standard duties like restocking items, customer service, placing product orders, setting employee schedules, and maintaining a clean and orderly retail space. Many choose private security firms to hire because it eliminates the fear of seeking out and using the proper individual for the role. In addition, when sourcing an external key holder, you’ll be reassured that they’re going to be experienced, professional and trustworthy.

What is a Key Holding License?

To become a trusted keyholder, you want to obtain a key holding license. It can be for all keyholding services and must be provided before any employment takes place.

At Citiguardsecurity, we provide a variety of security services. If you’re trying to find a responsible security company in London to require the role of your keyholder, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we might be pretty happy to supply our key holding services.