What is a Wedding Pet Attendant- Dog handler for Wedding

You’ve to confirm your date, choose flowers, and say yes to the dress! Now you’re able to tell your vows ahead of your loved ones. Allow us to bring your pup to your venue and help make your celebration even more special. Hiring a Pet Wedding Attendant rather than asking a lover or loved one to observe your pet during the marriage – allows everyone to remain focused on your wedding celebrations. We’ll look out for everything to try together with your pet before and after your wedding.

Dogs in weddings. What’s not to love? Dogs are family, and that we did it! Create memories for a lifetime together with your partner. We look after your dog at your wedding and reception. Therefore, celebrate together with your coming guests and leave the ends to us. Complete your reception and wedding story by including your dog in your wedding.

What is a marriage Pet Attendant?

Wedding Pet Attendants of Citiguard security will provide complete dog handling abilities. And a dog handler will assist you throughout your event, including on-leash exercising, hydrating, and puttying    .

We will create a customized package for the couple that desires an exclusive experience to permit you to possess us at multiple events that combine our other services like care and overnight stays.

We offer a spread of pricing options to suit your budget or wedding, including rehearsals, weddings, proposals, vow renewals, receptions, and photos.

Wedding pet attendant duties includes:

  • Free consultation to understand you.
  • Your dog.
  • Your wedding story to personalize your wedding.

He’ll also discuss the most uncomplicated thanks to featuring your dog at your event.

If you desire, he will escort your dog down the path and work together with your photographer to capture the proper wedding photos with the whole family.

To further enhance your experience, our dog handler will provide several upgrades, including a servant service. It will transport your dog to and from your venue, adding a further Wedding Pet Attendant and increasing your services an additional hour.

A dog Handler will create a customized package for the couple that desires an exclusive experience to permit you to possess us at multiple events. He will mix his other services like care and overnight stays when the reception ends, and therefore the honeymoon begins.

What Is a Wedding Pet Service?

For around the exact cost as an additional guest, Citiguard security dog handler takes care of everything to try together with your dog leading up to, during, and after your wedding. In addition, we offer an entire package that’s personalized to fit your pet and your needs.

It includes:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Rehearsal
  • Arranging hydro path & grooming appointment (if required)
  • Dressing your pet consistent with your specifications
  • Caring for your pet throughout the event
  • Feeding, walking, treats, cuddles, watering, potty breaks, and everyone other necessities
  • Transporting your pet to/from rehearsal, and photo-shoot locations, and ceremony.
  • After the event, be consistent with your requirements (boarding etc.)

How would you wish Your Pet To Be Involved?

There are tons of alternative ways that your dog is often included in your day.

Here are some fun ideas to urge you are thinking:

  • Greet and meet at the ceremony (an excellent ice breaker)
  • Lead by the flower girl(s) on ribbon decorated lead, a floral with or without a floral collar
  • Flower dogs carry a bouquet or basket in their mouth!) OR
  • Groom’s dog is swinging at the front with the blokes – bowtie/sign around neck optional)
  • Ring bearer (rings carried in a small bag tied to their collars)
  • Sign bearer (super cute sign with “Just Married” at the signing of “Mummy’s Coming” at the processional.)

What Planning & Preparation Is Needed?

Consider your pet’s personality

You think about if your dog’s personality is suited to being at/in your wedding before you contact a pet wedding assistant. Ask yourself:

·         Do you socialize with your dog’s regularly?

·         How do they react to strangers or during a group?

However, as severe as it may sound, an anxious, hyperactive, or overly excitable animal will almost certainly feel overwhelmed and confused, surrounded by 100+ guests who are fawning everywhere. And you will waste valuable time stressing that they’re going to jump around your mother-in-law’s silk dress with their muddy paws.

Ask your venue

Some wedding venues (think wineries and vineyards) will welcome your furry friend with open arms. And some people won’t allow them onsite. So before you set your heart thereon adorable floral collar on Etsy will give your venue manager a phone call.

Inform your guests

However, your dog is the star of your life. It knows to confine your mind that pets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, it’s only considerate to let your family and friends know if your dog will be attending. It may also help avoid drama afterward (think allergies, children, phobias, etc.)