5 Reasons Why Hiring a Dog Handler is Better than Managing a Guard Dog all by Yourself

A dog can be the best companion you have; he cuddles you when you are sad and protects you and your property from intruders. People are thinking of getting a guard dog at home and in business, which is undoubtedly a great idea.  You can either buy a dog or obtain the services of a dog and handler. Today, I will tell you what option would suit you the best.

Avoid the Cost and Expense

First, you think of adopting a dog. It might seem like a great idea at first, but when you start checking requirements for adoption and the cost, it’s when you give up on the picture. For a small business, this expense is quite the thing. Even those running an Empire don’t go with it. Let me explain why that idea is not beneficial in the long run.

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Whether you get a protection dog for your home and business, you need to have a budget in your mind. This money you will spend on maintenance, health care, adoption expenses, and training. Some people like to buy from breeders, another more costly option than adopting a dog.

On the flip side, when you hire a dog handler and get security dog services, you only pay monthly fees. This fee is nothing when you compare it with other expenses. So, It’s good to see the big picture here and then make a lucrative decision in the long run.

Security Dog maintenance

Getting a dog is one thing, and keeping up with his health and training is another thing. If you are a single mother who likes to protect her home with a guard dog-indeed, it is good. You will have a security backup at home. However, dogs need the same attention as your kids, and it’s hard to take care of a dog every day. A  businessman has business tasks to handle, and he won’t have time to check in some healthcare routine.

Dogs need regular checkups and vaccinations. When you don’t keep up with that, he becomes weak, and you don’t expect him to provide you with the protection you need. Therefore, it’s better to hire a dog handler.

One of the responsibilities of a dog handler is to maintain the health of a dog. So, if a dog needs medical attention, then it’s not your responsibility. Service companies like Citiguardsecurity take full responsibility for this. You enjoy peace of mind that your security won’t be at stake at any level.

Dog Training

Guard dog needs regular training. He needs to do proper exercise and contribute to physical activities. A dog needs to act as your security provider; if he doesn’t stay fit, he won’t perform his protection duties well.

It’s when dog handlers come in handy. He has such a great bond with his dog. Therefore, if a dog requires some agility exercises, then he will take care of it. You become the customer of the service company that ensures that your dog stays within its proper shape. You don’t have to take any burden on your shoulder since the service company is handling it all on your behalf. Isn’t it an excellent protection service for your home and office?

Dog Reaction Matters the Most

Every home and business has certain situations that require the proper response from a dog. For example, if you are a single mother and your ex comes to your home in your absence, he will be a stranger for your guard dog. Now imagine how disastrous this situation could be?

As a dog owner, you are entirely liable for any injury or problem arising due to your guard dog. Yes, I’m talking about a lawsuit and penalties. Are you ready for this much responsibility? I’m sure you would say No. Because every homeowner and business person has a lot on their plates already, and stuffing your plate more will only bring issues.

So, it would help if you had a dog handler who would keep an eye on your guard dog and make sure that he sits, stays, and breaks the house breaks in the right way. Depending on business and home, his reactions need proper training. Only a dog handler can handle the dog in such a scenario, while you can enjoy protection without facing any liability.

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Dog Protection is Absolute

The primary purpose of getting a guard dog is to protect your home and business. However, it also includes dog protection. When a dog gets injured, all your investments go down the drain, and from an emotional aspect, you lose an irreplaceable companion. Leaving a guard dog alone at home without proper supervision isn’t a great idea.

Hire a dog handler from citiguard who will care for your dog, his training, and protection. When you are away from your premises, a handler is there to keep it all safe – I mean your property and dog.